What We Do

Summer Bible Study

Summer Bible Reading Series
Join our Summer Bible Study series on Zoom every Wednesday starting at 5:30 PM.

We read selected portions of Scriptures together for context and then we receive a fresh and insightful presentation of these verses for our consideration and eventual application. We then break out into small groups for further fellowship and digestion.

Our desire is to foster a very mutual and open atmosphere where all the students can receive the ministry of the Word together and learn how to apply God’s Word to their daily life.

Zoom ID: 846-4938-4378

Thursday College Gathering

We gather every Thursday at 6:00 PM at 218 King Ave for dinner, singing, and fellowship. Fun activities with the group start at 7:30 PM after the fellowship.
Campus Meeting - Christians on Campus at OSU

Friday Home Meetings

Home Meetings - Christians on Campus at OSU
Many families that live around OSU invite students over for dinner and fellowship on Fridays around 6:30 PM. Here, you can find your home away from home. Please contact us for locations.

Fall/Spring Conferences & Summer Trainings

For a deeper study of the Word, Christians from our sister clubs from different universities gather together for the Fall and Spring Conferences. We also have a week-long college training in the summer to learn how to be a prevailing Christian while in college.
Conferences & Trainings - Christians on Campus at OSU

Winter & Spring Break Trips

Blending Trips - Christians on Campus at OSU
Travel with us to visit and fellowship with the brothers and sisters from our sister clubs nationwide and beyond.

Summer Internship

For students who are serious about serving God and the community, the Christians on Campus Summer Internship program is a great way to learn many spiritual, personal, and interpersonal lessons and principles to equip them in their Christian service.

Sunday Worship

Blending Trips - Christians on Campus at OSU
Many students and the families related to Christians on Campus meet together on Sunday as the Campus District of the Church in Columbus. Sunday worship takes place on campus starting at 10:15 AM. Contact us for the location.