What We Do

Bible Study

Bible Study - Christians on Campus at OSU

We get together for Bible studies with fellow students every Wednesday at 5:30 PM in Hitchcock Hall, room 446 for the current semester.

Our Bible study usually begins with some prayer, then we read through a chapter of the Word together. Finally, all the students are free to share a portion of the Word that they have enjoyed to one another or to have some mutual question and answer time.

Our desire is to foster a very mutual and open atmosphere where all the students can dive into the Word together and learn how to speak and apply God’s Word to their daily life.

Campus Meetings

Every Thursday at 6:00 PM at 218 King Ave we get together to have dinner and study the Bible with the goal of getting to know who God is. 7:30 PM that same night we have our social activities.

Campus Meeting - Christians on Campus at OSU

Home Meetings

Home Meetings - Christians on Campus at OSU

Different families that live around the university invite students over for dinner and sweet fellowship. Here, you can find your home away from home. These are on Fridays at 6:30 PM in various homes (please contact us for locations.)

Conferences & Trainings

This is a time when students from different universities come together for a weekend retreat, where we enjoy a deeper study of the truth.

Conferences & Trainings - Christians on Campus at OSU

Winter & Spring Break Blending Trips

Blending Trips - Christians on Campus at OSU

We like to go visit other localities of Christians on Campus across the nation. It is a great time for blending and seeing the universal Body of Christ.